Although we are open to the public, Hilltop Golf Course also offers memberships which allow the member to play anytime, everyday.

Hilltop Golf Course offers five different membership levels:

Single Full Membership:  $550
Couple Full Membership:  $1000
Family Full Membership:  $1250
Student Full Membership:  $250 (18 or under with ID)
Apprentice Full Membership:  $350 (23 or under with ID)


An amazing value for those planning to play often.

Unlimited golf, seven days a week.

This membership is for couples who live together.

Whether you choose to play together, well, that’s up to you. Play as often as you like, as long as you like.



This is the membership for parents who also have children who play. Children must live in the same household, and be related to the adult buying the membership.

Children must be in the company of an adult to play.

This membership is for those 18 and younger who either want to learn how to play golf, or already play the game.

Unlimited play, seven days a week. The best Junior membership around.



We’re happy to extend a discounted membership to young adults, those 23 and under. Golf is a great way to make new friends.

You have unlimited play, so you can come out before or after work during the week. And play anytime on Saturday and Sunday.